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"Thank you to all our campaign supporters -- we did not win this time around but we built a foundation we can be proud of. As caring members of the community--as peacekeepers--we are called upon to model political engagement and political action that leaves no one behind and that listens before leaping. Let's keep talking, let's keep celebrating, let's stay in touch and find ways to do the most good."


Read Alicia's full remarks on the end of the campaign here.

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TO EMPOWER those of us who live and work here to become active agents of positive change in the city decisions that impact our lives.


TO SERVE this place I love with my unique set of skills and experiences in conflict resolution, law, education, and community advocacy as we co-create a city where we live together in peace and with justice.


TO STRENGTHEN grassroots democracy by disarming divisive political rhetoric with joy, compassion, and competence.

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Restorative Justice

There are 2 truths: we need police and we need real policing reform to restore the dignity of all.

Economic Justice

Let's rebuild with a focus on equity: we have an opportunity to undo harm and build back better.

Environmental Justice

Climate change is an existential threat: we must all become agents of change.

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Restorative Justice | Peace is Justice - Vote Alicia Gibson for Ward 10 City Council
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Restorative Justice | Stop and Listen - Vote Alicia Gibson for Ward 10 City Council
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Restorative Justice | Relevant Skills  - Vote Alicia Gibson for Ward 10 City Council
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I have lived in Ward 10 for 11 years and in four of our five neighborhoods. I know what makes each of our neighborhoods unique, what our challenges are, and what unites us.


I advocate for our residents, businesses, and neighborhoods to make sure essential services are met and that the city fulfills its obligations. I am here to serve you and work together to find solutions.


On 10/20 Alicia Gibson organized and moderated a LHENA public safety forum with Black community leaders from North Mpls with "boots on the ground" doing violence prevention. Watch the full forum here. Follow-up included the creation of a youth grant fund to support the work of the North Minneapolis leaders.

On 8/10/20 OnSite Public Media Asked Alicia Gibson to talk about the tear down of affordable housing at 2003 Aldrich. Follow-up included organizing affected residents.

On 3/18/21 Alicia Gibson was asked to speak at an Asian Solidarity March to speak against the rise in acts of hate against Asian Americans. Her speech inspired the founding of The Kokoro Project, a Black-Asian solidarity initiative. On 4/18/21 she was asked to speak again at the launch of that project and this is the video taken from that event at George Floyd Square. 

Campaign Manager: Mary Hartnett
Treasurer: Nina Page
Secretary of Joy: Sidra Edwards

Maria Ortiz, Latino Outreach

Angela Erdrich, Native Outreach

Zeinab Omar, Somali American Outreach

Our campaign is grassroots, collaborative, and independent -- there are no special interests or insiders at work behind the scenes, just people who believe the time for real change is here. We invite you to join us.
Prepared and paid for by the Alicia Gibson for Ward 10 Committee 

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