Alicia has lived in four of the Ward 10 neighborhoods: 1 year in South Uptown when she first moved to Mpls in 2003, 5 years in Whittier, a summer in ECCO, and the last 4.5 years in the Wedge. She knows what makes each neighborhood unique and is excited to serve this place she loves.

We need leaders who believe in the power of communities and neighborhoods to transform systems of exploitation to systems of communal care. We need leaders who think creatively, who see the big picture as well as the step-by-step process of building a world where we live together in peace and with justice. We need leaders who know the joy that comes from being in community. This is the kind of leader Alicia Gibson is, and the vision of empowerment she has for Ward 10. 

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Alicia moderates a forum with "boots on the ground" violence interrupters from North Minneapolis with MPD Chief Rondo

Here is a short clip of Alicia from a forum on public safety she moderated. Invited participants were community leaders with "boots on the ground," including grassroots leaders from North Minneapolis involved in youth mentorship and violence prevention. Please watch the full forum and hear from them by clicking this link. She is currently following up on this forum by co-creating a youth grant fund to support the work of the leaders.

This short video was released by OnSite Public Media as part of a march they led through the neighborhood to address issues of housing insecurity and its relationship to conditions that negatively impact BIPOC in our city. She followed up by organizing affected residents, and providing information about ways to push for moving expenses.

This campaign is grassroots, collaborative, and independent -- there are no special interests or insiders at work behind the scenes, just people who believe the time for real change is here. We invite you to join us.


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Nina Page

Maria Ortiz, Latino Outreach

Angela Erdrich, Native Outreach

Zeinab Omar, Somali American Outreach

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