"Alicia Gibson, Ward 10 city council candidate, said voters want to know “How can we resolve human conflict in more equitable ways?  How do we define city engagement?...People are scared; they’re angry; and they’re frustrated.  We’re on ‘a road to nowhere’ and that’s a serious forecast.”

“Bender's 10th Ward seat was one of the most competitive DFL races. After six rounds of voting in a crowded field of candidates, Aisha Chughtai and Alicia Gibson earned most of the votes but neither had enough to get an endorsement.”

"We have to listen to each other and then ask, ‘how can we support your efforts individually and collectively?’ There are amazing and creative people who live in our neighborhoods, some having been totally ignored and neglected for decades.”

"Regardless of her own policy priorities, Gibson said she understands people will disagree. While leading Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association meetings, she led listening circles so people could dispel assumptions and get to an understanding of each other’s principles. Gibson said she would bring that spirit to City Hall."